Art is a Spiritual Pursuit!

                   Art is Wonderful!

                    Art is Amazing!


Everyone can appreciate art, but, there are those of us who feel a deep need to create art, too!  Sometimes, though, we need a little help and inspiration to start us on our way.  Hopefully, you can gain that inspiration right here at the Fuzzy Duckling!

Coloring Pages

Perhaps you don't have time to draw your own art work but you really enjoy painting and coloring.  Try out our free coloring pages that are made with all ages and skill levels in mind.  All pages can be printed on 8 1/2 by 11 inch copy paper.   For more great pictures, go to "Coloring Pages Menu" !

Drawing Videos

Our "Learning to Draw" videos have several interesting chapters starting from the very basics of how to hold your pencil.  This is an ongoing series so check back often for new content.

Draw your own "Downtown" picture!

Draw your own adorable baby penquin.

Learn to draw beautiful flowers.

Arts & Crafts Videos

Have fun making these Halloween craft projects.  Download these free patterns and watch our step-by-step instructional videos.

Bones, a cute, jointed fish skeleton!

Scrapbooking Videos

Join us as we learn to archive our family treasures.  Everything from gathering, storing and making scrapbook pages to making beautiful layouts.

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