Art is a Spiritual Pursuit!

                   Art is Wonderful!

                    Art is Amazing!

Everyone can appreciate art, but, there are those of us who feel a deep need to create art, too!  Sometimes, though, we need a little help and inspiration to start us on our way.  Hopefully, you can gain that inspiration right here at the Fuzzy Duckling!

The Fuzzy Duckling is Moving!!!!!

As you know, if you are alive you are also changing!  It seems like we can't get away from CHANGE!!!    Sometimes this is a good thing and sometimes not so much!  Sometimes we choose to change and at other times life leaves us with little choice.

Because of several reasons there will be many changes coming to The Fuzzy Duckling website. 


One, since we live in a world where prices are always changing (and, usually on the way up), I am downgrading the site to a free Wix website.  But, that isn't really that bad!!  Wix is a great website platform that nearly anyone can use AND they offer the ability to have a fantastic website absolutely free!  There will be a few changes - like my website address will be different and there is a WIX add at the top.  These are small prices to pay for a great,  free website.  If you have a "hankerin'" to have your own site, I would encourage you to give them a try!

The second reason has to do with new laws and regulations from our government.  These have to do with sites that deal with materials that children can use - mainly videos.    Because of these, YouTube (my current video host) has had to change many of their requirements which is making it harder and harder for the content creator to safely use their platform.  Because of this I will slowly be moving all of my video content to FaceBook.  You will still see many of these on the website but they will be hosted by FaceBook.  It will take me some time to get these all transferred over, BUT,  We will eventually make it!  

I want to thank all my "Ducklings" in advance for having patience with all of these changes!  But, as I said, "This is Life"!!!!!!!!  My new website address is:  https://fuzzyduckling.wixsite.com/myfuzzyduckling

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