Christmas Cheer !


Project One

Color Me Christmas

This picture is an example of what I would do if I had this friendly deer helping me decorate for Christmas.  I would either decorate his antlers or have him hold ornaments for me as I climb the ladder to the top of the tree.  Either way, seeing beautiful ornaments dangling from his antlers is SO satisfying!!

Project Two

December Art Card

This is the first in a series about creating your own art cards.  An art card is a tiny piece of art where you can try out different media and ideas while only taking a few minutes and using limited art supplies.


Project Three

Fanny Flamingo Revisited

Fanny has decided to come back for a Christmas visit!  Fanny Flamingo was actually the first "critter" that was posted on The Fuzzy Duckling Website.  She was also one of the most popular!  So, we invited her back for a Christmas Celebration!

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