Fuzzy Duckling Art Galleries

How do I Get My Own Art Gallery?  If you have colored, drawn or painted at least 12 of our Fuzzy Duckling pictures you are eligible for your own Art Gallery Page!

How do I Submit Pictures to the Fuzzy Duckling?  Send us a photo of your artwork to our Facebook Page here!

Fuzzy Duckling Art Gallery

The Kid's Fuzzy Duckling Art Gallery has all kinds of great pictures done by girls and boys of all ages using several different types of media.

Teen & Adult Fuzzy Duckling Art Gallery

Our Teen and Adult Art Gallery has art work done by our  "more mature" followers.  Check here to see some great pics!

Luke's Fuzzy Duckling Art Gallery

Luke is our first artist to get his own gallery.  He has submitted several pictures and does great work!  Check him out!

Will's Fuzzy Duckling Art Gallery

Will was the second artist to get his own gallery.  Will has a unique sense of color and makes wonderful pictures!

Owen's Fuzzy Duckling Art Gallery

Owen does a fantastic job with his art.  You can see his growth from when he started at 6 years old until today.  You can never start too young!

Kada's Fuzzy Duckling Art Gallery

Kada is our youngest artist and is just starting out.  She hasn't done the required 12 pictures yet, but since she is my granddaughter, I couldn't resist getting her gallery all ready to go.  It will be fun to see her growth as an artist!

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