If Fishes Were Wishes


"If Fishes Were Wishes"

Have fun coloring this super-happy little fishie!  He doesn't mind if you color him blue, green, orange, or any color you may love!

Learn to Draw a Rainbow Trout

The first part is here!!!!  How to draw a Rainbow Trout!  It may look complicated but once you see it broken down to a few simple steps, you will be amazed at the "fishie" picture you, too, can create!

Part One

Part Two

Paint a Whimsical Rainbow Trout

In this second video you will paint and finish your Whimsical Rainbow Trout using watercolors, colored pencils and Washi Tape.  

Supplies needed:

Watercolors, watercolor paper, tissue, water, sequins and Washi Tape.

Part One

Part Two

Make a String O' Fish Bookmark

In this video you will learn to make this darling bookmark that looks like a string of fish!  Such fun to use in school books, calendars, notebooks, cookbooks, and more! 

Supplies needed:

PDF Instruction Sheet

Colored pencils, markers or crayons

Glitter glue (optional)


Cardboard (cereal box will do)

Mod Podge

String (yarn, twine, ribbon, etc.)


Lage paperclip

Split ring (optional)

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